If the noise is “white” it helps us to rest better

Are noisy neighbors, traffic or stress hindering your rest? Here’s a valuable ally: a machine that generates relaxing sounds

Each of us knows the positive effects of a healthy sleep. Sleep is necessary for the body and it is even better to do it in conditions of total relaxation. According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, lack of rest can cause damage to the brain system over time, slowing of reflexes and memory problems. Generally those who have trouble falling asleep or wake up easily during the night, rely on herbal teas or have earplugs to avoid sudden awakenings due to external noises. But technology, as often happens, comes to our aid with other solutions.

Like the white noise generator, which promises not only to induce sleep but also to facilitate prolonged rest throughout the night in total serenity. It is a noise caused by continuous and repetitive frequencies, high and low, without sudden peaks or surges, which act overriding all the sounds of the external environment and accompany our brain to a state of total relaxation. It is called “white” because this is the color that on the visual spectrum represents the union of all visible frequencies. In nature we have many examples of white noises, such as the crackling of the rain or the sound of the wind between the leaves or even the waves of the sea. Those who have tried this type of equipment swear they can no longer do without it.

We have prepared a couple of videos for you like these:

However, if you want to experiment with something more personal, below are some white noise machines:

Dreamegg White Noise Machine, D11

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Momcozy Baby Sleep

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Hatch Baby Rest sound machine

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